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East China Marine Diesel Parts Co., Ltd. is a company with experience in marine diesel parts since 1997 which aimed at providing MAN Diesel parts. To seek,survival through good quality of our products and look for development through good reputation is our invariable pursuit. Until today,we have established a long-term business relationship with partners overseas and inland. Meanwhile to make corporation with the scientific research unit not even guarantee the quality but also address the future trends of product innovation. The main products we provide include various spare parts from home and abroad, used for different types of diesel engine,such as following: Auxiliaries L16/24 series 5L16/24,6L16/24,7L16/24,8L16/24,9L16/24 L21/31series 5L21/31,6L21/31,7L21/31,8L21/31,9L21/31 L23/30series 5L23/30H,5L23/30,6L23/30,8L23/30,5L23/30H,6L23/30H,7L23/30H,8L23/30H,6L23/30A,8L23/30A T23LH series 5T23LH,6T23LH,6T23LH-4E,6T23LU-4E,6T23LH-4ED L27/38 series 6L27/38,7L27/38,8L27/38,9L27/38 L28/32A series 6L28/32A,8L28/32A,6L28/32,8L28/32,6L28/32H,8L28/32H Main Power S35MC-C7 S35MC-C8 S35MC-C9 S42MC S46MC-C S50MC-C S60MC-C S70MC-C S/L35MC S/L50MC S/L60MC S/L70MC S/L80MC S/L90MC Turbocharger NR series NR26R NR24R NR20R NR20 NR12S MET series MET SB MET SC MET SD MET SR 18SRC RH series RH133 RH143 RH163 RH183 AT14 TPS series TPS48 TPS52 TPS57 TPS61 TCR series TCR12 TCR16 TCR18 TPL65 TCA55 RR0series RR1series NA series VTR series Besides, the following series are also available; DK28 series,TBD234V8,ZX2105C-4, Emergency fire pump: 380C-4, N485C, 380C-1, Life boat fittings ZX105C-1,380J-1,N485J-1,ZX2105A-1 380J-3,ZX2105C-3
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